Liliana & Naomi (Left to Right) w/ Mom & Jackie

At the COMFORT INN & SUITES in Lynchburg, Virginia every guest is a VIP Guest, however, we had some very “special guests” this week.

Meet the twins, Naomi & Liliana, who stayed with us this week. Their Mom and Dad, Thomas & Briana Minskey, moved to Lynchburg this week from California.

The twins are both 2-years old and this past year has been a challenge because Naomi has been undergoing cancer treatments. She recently completed these treatments.

Together, with their grandparents, Paul & Michelle Miskey, all stayed with us and we enjoyed getting to know their family.

At the COMFORT INN & SUITES our vision is that “Comfort” is more than a sign on the outside of the building, it is about the “Care” we provide in the inside to our guests and fellow team members.



The review above exemplifies the incredible job that #TEAMCOMFORT did this past weekend. In my 20 years in the hospitality business here in Lynchburg this is the smoothest graduation that I have ever experienced.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the planning and execution. I am especially thankful to all the team members that stepped up these challenges and allowed us to exceed guest expectations.

Thank you so much… you are truly did an outstanding job representing our #TEAMCOMFORT at the COMFORT INN & SUITES in Lynchburg, Virginia! 🙏



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Today we celebrated both Mother’s Day & College Graduations at the COMFORT INN & SUITES in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Teresa Stephenson, our Breakfast Ambassador, did an “Amazing Job” 😉 by adding Fresh Strawberries, Blue Berries, Whipped Cream and Powdered Sugar.

One of our guests, Cecilia, created this waffle masterpiece.

In addition, we served scrambled eggs, canadian bacon, biscuits & gravy, corned beef hash, fresh fruit, yogurt, and assorted breads & danishes.



Here at the COMFORT INN & SUITES in Lynchburg, Virginia we are ready to welcome visitors from across the United States this weekend for “Commencement” at Liberty University and Randolph College. Next week will be Central Virginia Community College, University of Lynchburg, and Sweetbriar College.

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BRIAN’S BLOG – By Brian Knopp

A wise person one told me this: “If you LOVE what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life.”

In my career, I have had the opportunity to work a wide variety of jobs, including: delivering newspapers, scooping ice cream, selling advertising and even selling parkas at Abercrombie & Fitch store in Savannah, Georgia where it only snows once every 10 years. I also have worked for a shopping mall developer, a convention and visitors bureau and even a riverboat.

When I first thought about hotel sales I thought it would be boring. “Would you like a room with one bed or two beds?” What I found it that I could not enjoy it more. I love caring for our guests and employees at the COMFORT INN & SUITES in Lynchburg, Virginia. Our vision is that “Comfort” is more than just a sign on the outside of the building… it is about the “Care” that we provide on the inside to our guests and fellow team members.”

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to find my life purpose which is:

“To offer COMFORT with ENCOURAGING words and a SMILE and make a POSITIVE difference in people’s lives and GLORIFY GOD.”

I am, indeed, fortunate to have a job that I LOVE so I guess I will never have to worry about retirement.



Brian Knopp has 30 years experience in the Hospitality Industry and is General Manager of the award-winning Comfort Inn & Suites in Lynchburg, Virginia which is ranked as the Best Hotel in Virginia under $200 by MSN.com)


Thank you Brian McGraw for providing this wonderful service to our guests at the COMFORT INN & SUITES in Lynchburg this weekend. It is much appreciated!

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