This week our COMFORT INN & SUITES in Lynchburg, Virginia reached a milestone with our 1,000 Guest Reviews since we opened in 2015! Our hotel is honored to achieve a “FIVE STAR OVERALL RATING” with 98% approval rating. We are currently ranked as the #4 Hotel within the Comfort brand nationally (out of 1,004 hotels) by Choice Hotels.

To highlight this achievement, I would like to feature our 1,000th review which was completed by Merlann Malloy from Patton, Pennsylvania who stayed with us July 30th thru August 3rd

“I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT MY STAY!” Merlann Malloy – Patton, Pennsylvanis

On arrival I was greeted by Brian and David. Talk about a dynamic duo. I was weary but they soon got me uplifted and energized. They are true examples of Southern Hospitality making sure I felt comfortable and at home.

The next morning I came in contact with the Breakfast buffet hostess Theresa who was so very kind and making sure I had everything I needed and went out of her way to ask how I felt and how I was doing each morning. Heather the buffet hostess my last morning was also very friendly and kind.

Moving along to the rest of the team that I met on an early AM departure Ameliah and Jim were fabulous and so helpful. They provided info for me about local sights and showed concern about my visit making sure I had everything I needed for the day. Ameliah was also on duty later in the week. She and all the staff are so upbeat and helpful. Their main goal is to make the visitor happy and feel at home. Ameliah made sure I had brochures and info on all the sights in the area. She even pulled up on FB the local TV station for me to view an interview they did after my nephew won a Gold Medal at the Figure Skating competition.

I then met Steve who was on duty the rest of the week evenings. He also is the greatest with a smile that just lights up a room. I spent 2 extra nights beyond my scheduled departure date because everyone was so helpful and kind. I felt like family that needed to see and do everything that was available in the “City of Lynchburg “.

I cannot forget Sabrina who took care of my room making sure it was nice and clean each day. The room was spotless. She also was very friendly always greeting me and asking how I was doing.

Disney is noted as a happy place which it is with the rides, entertainment and the happy characters. Let me tell you your property rates right up there without all the fluff of Disney as a Happy Place. Your staff knows the importance of customer satisfaction like no other.

I was really impressed with David and Steve the evening of a severe storm. A young couple with a young child arrived to check in without a reservation I’m assuming they just couldn’t drive anymore in the storm. David worked real hard to get them reasonable comfortable accommodations while Steve opened the kitchen to get the little girl a banana. That was all they wanted. You could tell the parents were tired and just needed to rest. Well your two boys made them feel so welcome and did all they could to provide comfort to this family. This was so heartwarming to me as a bystander observing all this while I was waiting to extend my stay. I was impressed by my treatment but to observe their compassion dealing with others was something else.

Whatever your secret for customer satisfaction is don’t change it. You’re # 1.

Merlann Malloy – Malvern, Pennsylvania

This review is great example of TEAM COMFORT is all about and is what really what separates our hotel from other hotels across that nation… every department working together… Housekeeping, Breakfast, Laundry, Maintenance and Front Desk to provide “A New Level of Comfort” for our guests. Here at the COMFORT INN & SUITES in Lynchburg, Virginia our vision is that COMFORT is more than just a sign on the building… it is about the CARE that we provide on the inside to our guests and fellow team members.

COMFORT CARES! www.comfortiscaring.com

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